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Painless Paper-Piecing
Title: Painless Paper-Piecing 
Author: Rhine, Marjorie 
Released: 2006-09-08 
Publisher: Make It Easy Sewing & Crafts - US 
ISBN: 9780971450110 
Format: Paperback 
Last Updated: 2018-06-03 
Rating: -1 
Pages: 88 
Improved Technique for Paper-Piecing quilts plus 20 projects. Sew the seams without stitching through the paper. You won't have any paper to pull off -- no mess, no tiny stitches, no special paper. And you can reuse the paper pattern, Quickly and accurately cut fabric patches with less waste and better control. Accurately place the fabric patches onto the paper pattern, the first time, assuring coverage of the pattern area and preventing the need to rip seams and resew. Reduce bulk and create seams that you can easily match because you can press seams in any direction, including open.

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About the Author

Marjorie Rhine has been quilting since 1969 and pubishing patterns since 1999. She is a popular quilt teacher in the Portland, Oregon area.